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Market Fit

Before we invest in any model, we extensively test different types of products and verify how it fulfils market in various countries' conditions

Propulsion & Power

Range, performance and charging time is one of THE most important focus in our R&D efforts. We look at cell level, BMS, mosfets and operating under different conditions.

Cost to Market

Different entry levels entail different cost factors. Building our own solutions enable us to resolve targeted country and user specific criterias of fit

Big Picture

Our overall long term plans is how to play a role in the development of our own product/solution. This is part of our ongoing quest to build a credible Malaysia EV brand

Buy & Support

We are a privately funded and our R&D requires dedication, targeted focus, time and capital investment. Proceeds of R&D items may help us recover partial costs and enable us to continue on our eco-journey. Thank you for your support

Electric Motorcycles (L1e-L3e)

We test different types of electric motorcycles and 'get a feel' of ride modes, user experience, market potential, user interest/feedback. All data is crucial for us to plan our domestic/export product line up. Our role is to cater to global EV community and the key is to understand how electromobility can bring the best value proposition to the targeted users


We are mainly focused in

  • Rehab and eMedical electromobility


  • Purpose specific electric rides for the physically challenged for personal

  • Social Enterprise solutions to assist in generating revenue/income


Pre, during and post Covid-19 saw a lot of changes in ecommerce and the logistics sectors with gigs becoming a major focus area.

Our B2B solutions (after a few years of engaging with stakeholders) now include:

  • most competitive rates for good ROI

  • fast charging

  • long range work vehicles

  • custom accessories for safer deliveries

  • On-site supporting infrastructure


There are different types of electric bicycles ranging from mopeds, folding, MTB, off roaders etc. Each with matching certification requirements for usage in different territories. Each having different costing, range, charging setup and market fit. We test 'em all here in Malaysia and work closely with the supply chain to achieve our 'no-licence-to-ride' plans


We engaged with security industry stakeholders and have gathered extensive knowledge on how technology can assist in reducing risks and exposures against losses.

  • eVehicles (2,3,4 wheels) for desired terrain

  • Custom range solutions + on-site infra to achieve daily tasks

  • Hybrid/Solar solutions (some areas may be off the grid)

  • IOT for monitoring

  • SAAS

Sharing Economy

We started our IOT plans in 2019 and was the first entity in Malaysia to showcase battery swapping for electric motorcycles. Currently we are finalising our sharing solutions which involves

  • Electric vehicles (2,3,4 wheels)


  • Ways to offset the high-cost support cycle riddle

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